We offer various packages to ensure you get the personalised groom that your meets your requirements.

We offer the Bronze, Silver  & Gold Groom Packages.

Dog Haircut
Canine Hairdresser
Cocker Spaniels

Puppy Pampering packages are available from their 2nd vaccination. Start your puppy on the right track so they can be groomed professionally their whole lives, not struggle with their paws and body being handled at groomers and get accustomed to a grooming salon's noises, smells and the grooming process!

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Responsible & Reliable Owners enjoy using our packages for their dogs well being and needs. After all they are one of the family and we all want to ensure that they are looked after and prevent costly vets fees!

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No aggressive, bitey or reactive dogs please.

The Best for Your Pet! 

Teeth cleaning is best introduced to your pet from the age of 2, 3 or 4. Start them on the right journey and prevent tartar and other dental diseases from building up.

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Prevention really is better than cure!